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Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems
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SiteWatch Gateway Server
LocSiteWatch Gateway Serverated at your station, the SiteWatch Gateway Server collects data from tank-mounted devices and transmits the information to the SiteWatch Operations Center and then to your web browser. A daily exceptions report highlights potential problems at each site, and you are notified of any problems. For UST systems, a monthly report package includes an audit report that meets state-specific regulatory compliance requirements and trend information to help monitor local site management. Optional reports can serve specific needs such as transportation, dispatch, and inventory control.
SiteWatch Features & Benefits

UST system monitoring anywhere, anytime from any web browser.  There is no software to download or install

Automated data collection from tank gauges and dispensers saves time and ensures accurate, consistent, and timely record keeping.

Documented proof of compliance with a Month End Compliance Report Package that meets the reporting requirements of your state and local jurisdictions.

Affordable service that you can use every day to be virtually on-site to review your fuel retailing operations and monitor your compliance status

Real-time Alarm status reporting.

Daily compliance audit highlights regulatory exceptions and posts action items to keep you in compliance.

SiteWatch gives you powerful tools for meeting reporting demands of regulators and insurers and demonstrates your commitment to compliance. Contact us
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